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NC House District 85

NC House District 85

North Carolina House District 85

The North Carolina General Assembly is the state legislature of the U.S. State of North Carolina. The General Assembly drafts and legislates the state laws of North Carolina, also known as the General Statutes. The General Assembly is a bicameral legislature, consisting of the North Carolina House of Representatives (formerly the North Carolina House of Commons until 1868) and the North Carolina Senate. The House has 120 members, while the Senate has 50. There are no term limits for either chamber.

Legislators in both chambers serve two-year terms. Starting with the 2002 election, each legislator represents a single-member House or Senatorial district; prior to2002, some districts elected multiple legislators.

The General Assembly meets in the state capital of Raleigh (except for special occasions, when legislators might decide to hold a ceremonial session in some other city). It met in the Capitol building until 1963, when the legislature relocated to the new North Carolina State Legislative Building.

McDowell County is in NC House District 85and is currently represented by Josh Dobson. Representative Dobson's seat will be up for re-election in November 2018.  Please see our candidate page to view the democratic candidate running against Representative Dobson!

The 120 members of the House are led by a Speaker, who holds powers similar to those of the Senate President pro-tem.

The qualifications to be a member of the House are found in the State Constitution: "Each Representative, at the time of his election, shall be a qualified voter of the State, and shall have resided in the district for which he is chosen for one year immediately preceding his election." Elsewhere, the constitution specifies that no elected official shall be under twenty-one years of age and that no elected officials may deny the existence of God, although this provision is not enforced.

Elections for all seats in both houses are held in each even-numbered year. If a seat should become vacant between elections, there are no by-elections or special elections. Rather, the local leaders of the political party of the person who vacated the seat nominate a replacement,to serve until the next election. The Governor, ordinarily, accepts the nomination, and appoints that person.  Election terms begin on January 1.

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The next elections will be held in November 2018!

Local Elections:
County Commissioners: (Three Open Positions)
Paula Swepson Avery
NC House District 85:
Up for re-election in November 2018.  Currently held by Representative Dobson (R).

NC Senate District 47:
Up for re-election in November 2018.  Currently held by Senator Hise (R).

NC Congressional District 11:
Up for re-election in November 2018.  Currently held by Representative Meadows (R).
Phillip Price

Where to Vote in McDowell County:
City of Marion- will vote at Marion Community Building
Town of Old Fort- will vote at Old Fort Library

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