Phillip Price

US Congressional District 11

Phillip Price is running for Congress in the 11th District of Western North Carolina. Phillip is called to public service to fight for the hard working people of Western North Carolina whose voices are not being heard by politicians in Washington. He wants to give back to the communities where he has lived and worked for the past 30 years with his wife while raising three children. Phillip believes in getting things done. The best way to do that is by replacing the extreme views and obstructionist tactics that have become so normal in Washington with common sense and pragmatism. He is willing to listen, learn, and work with others to find real solutions that will help improve conditions for people who are struggling, support the middle class, and foster a thriving environment for entrepreneurship in Western North Carolina.

Phillip owns and operates a green business that reclaims lumber from old buildings and repurposes it for new projects and construction. It is a vibrant business that supports smart uses of limited resources. Through his business Phillip has had the opportunity to get to know many people across the District. He has developed a visceral understanding of the needs and concerns of people across the 11th District. Phillip is called to provide a voice for these hard working people and to take their concerns to Washington, D.C. so they can be heard and have real influence on the policies that affect them every working day. Phillip is traveling across the District to hear directly from citizens about what their concerns are. He believes in policies that will have real, positive impact for small business owners, families, retirees, students, and all the hard working people in this District.

Price is looking for opportunities to listen and learn throughout District 11, please contact him if he may come visit with your group or business. 

The Phillip Price for Congress Campaign, Price 4 WNC can be reached at or online www.price4wnc.corg or by mail P.O. Box 729, Marion, NC 28752. 

Facebook page will have updated events posted. Join us as we kickoff of Phillip's candidacy for the 11th Congressional District of North Carolina. 

David B Wheeler

NC Senate District 47

David B. Wheeler was born in Norwalk, Iowa, in 1965, to politically active parents. His first campaign was at 10 years old and he worked with his parents on successful campaign to unseat an incumbent from the Iowa House of Representatives. From there, David worked on more than two-dozen campaigns in Iowa Governor Tom Vilasck's (then U.S. Secretary of Agriculture) inauguration and numerous live tv forums. In addition, he was selected as an House of Representatives Page, U.S. Senate intern, restarted the dormant Iowa Young Democrats and was elected and service on the Young Democrats National Committee from 1987-89. 

David's first business venture, at age 24, was Protocol International, Inc., a marketing and event management firm based in Chicago. This firm specialized in high level travel management, corporate hospitality and managing meetings and events for corporate and government clients. During Wheeler's tenure as President, he was responsible for the firm's involvement in more than 1,000 projects in 35 countries with Fortune 500 clients. In December 1998, David sold the company and stayed on with the new owners through 1999.
In 2002, David founded Protocol Group, Inc. PGI provided strategy, planning and implementation services for events and communication forums throughout the world. Among other success projects, PGI produced five televised forums on health care for the presidential candidate elections in 2004 and Governor candidates in four states in 2005. Protocol Group was merged into Ambassadors LLC, founded by Peter Ueberroth (CEO of 1984 Los Angeles Olympics).
In 2005, David joined the senior management team as Senior Vice President of Ambassadors LLC. Ambassadors was the largest public company in the meeting, conference and event services industry. Highlights of David's tenure include a 2X increase in the market capitalization of the company and record high profit and revenue. 

In 2007, after Ambassadors was sold, David formed Embark LLC. This firm focused on consulting with organizations on communication events and government relations forums and managing complex marketing events, corporate conferences and travel programs. Embark was merged into Clarion Events Ltd. ( of London in 2016. 

During this time, David also co-founder and was President of Conference IQ LLC ( CIQ is the world's largest directory of business events and professional speakers. CIQ's aim is to be the "TripAdviser" or "Yelp" of the $350 billion business global meeting, event, conference and convention industry. 

In 2017, David and three other partners and investors formed the International Higher Education Group LLC (, based in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, with offices in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. David leads this company as the Chief Executive Officer and a founding shareholder. The company is focused on providing international university and college students with scholarships and global choices through a match making platform: set to launch in the summer 2018. The company will be adding 25 new high paying jobs in Mitchell County by late 2018 and an additional 25 jobs in 2019. 

Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley appointed David as a founding member the Chicago-Galway Sister Cities Committee in 1990 and he was reappointed by current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative appointed David to the Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Services and Finance in 2010-2012. 

David graduated from the University of Iowa in 1987 with a major in political science and an emphasis in economics. David's wife, Jeannine Marchand, a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, is an accomplished artist ( David and Jeannine live with their children Calia (7), Nicholas (5) and Quinn (2) in the mountains of Western North Carolina near Spruce Pine. 

Contact Information 
Office: 167 Locust Street, Suite 207, Spruce Pine, NC 28777 Office phone: 828 330 4477 Website: (coming soon) Email:

Howard Larsen

NC House District 85

Hello, I am Howard Larsen and would take a few moments to share with you why I have decided to run for NC House and what I hope to accomplish once elected.  



  • Expand Medicaid, to provide healthcare to those who have a right to quality medical protection.  



  • Provide funding for Public Education to place North Carolina among the Top 30% of our Nationís Public School Systems. This will result in our schools having the ability to produce students with the skills needed to be ready to enter the job market or prepared to enter college without the need of remediation.



  • Most importantly is the addressing of Campaign Finance Reform and removal of the current practice of Special Interests bidding for favor from our elected representatives.

Paula Swepson Avery

McDowell County Commission

Paula Swepson Avery is a native of McDowell County who is passionate about making positive changes in the whole county. She is currently the Executive Director of West Marion Community Forum Inc, a job she has held for almost 2 years. Paula comes from a humble background where she was raised by a single mother after the passing of her father in 1973. Paula has worked in the manufacturing sector for almost 30 years, excelling at her job at every level. She was promoted to Production Manager at Broyhill Furniture in less than nine years, which is unheard of for a man or a woman in that field. She never lets her circumstances keep her down, she believes if you wake up in the morning that is a chance to make life better for someone.

As a County Commissioner Paula will bring a new voice in the room to promote positive changes for the County. Paula understands that if you never hear or see anything different than your everyday routine, you will not know there are different ways for changes to be made. Paula believes that everyone should be treated with respect and made to feel safe. Her main focus is Unity, because if we cannot come together, we cannot know what is needed in the County.  If we can all just listen to each other, we will create a better way of living and growing together. When elected as County Commissioner Paula will not forget that she works for the residents and needs to make sure every person knows she is working hard to make certain their needs are met.

Here are three of the issues Paula believes are important:

  • Paula believes that Affordable Safe Housing is needed in the county and we need to adopt the Minimum Standard Housing Policy similar to the one that the City passed.

  • We have a serious problem with Substance Use and we need to find ways to end this crisis.

  • Public Transportation is also an issue in which Paula has worked on for the residents of West and East Marion, the efforts made by the West Marion Community Forum now provides free rides for these residents to Grocery Stores, Hair Salons, Educational Trips etc.

These are the issues she wants to work on when elected. Feel free to reach out to Paula if you would like to help with her campaign by donations, call banking and driving people to the polls on election day. You can contact Paula through her website: email:

Michelle Price

McDowell County Commission

Michelle Price is a small business owner, Episcopalian, wife, mother, environmentalist, gardener, and a rural resident of McDowell County.  Michelle grew up in Jackson County on Lake Glenville where her family owned and managed a local grocery store similar to West court. She attended public school and graduated from the University of North Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health majoring in Environmental Science and Engineering.  Michelle also attended Oxford University in the United Kingdom where she studied Landuse Planning. After 13 years of working for state, regional and local government along with nonprofits to protect and improve water quality in WNC, Michelle and her family moved to Dysartsville were they operate their lumber recycling business.

Michelle might say that her greatest achievement is raising 3 motivated students in the McDowell School System. Two of her oldest children, Isaac and River were invited and attended the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, while her youngest son, James currently attends the Foothills Community School.  Isaac will be a Senior at NCSU majoring in Chemical Engineering and River will be a Senior at NCSSM. All three children attended Eastfield Global Magnet School where her youngest James had the opportunity to become bilingual in the Spanish Immersion Program.

Michelle is very passionate about public education and caring for our youth.  As a mother, substitute teacher and active volunteer in the McDowell County Schools, Michelle understands the needs of the local school system and is eager to provide more assistance for our students and our teachers by serving on the McDowell County Board of Commissioners. She has a soft spot for at-risk boys and girls and wants to make sure our community does not allow anyone to fall through the cracks, and all students have equal opportunities to succeed and to pursue their dreams.  She believes that academics, sports, the arts and community involvement are equally important when developing into a productive citizen. Providing opportunities for our youth and our teachers will be her top priority on the board.

Michelle is also passionate about agriculture and the environment. She would encourage the board to focus on long term planning to guarantee our county grows in a sustainable way.  ALL community needs will be considered and planned for, to ensure a brighter future for ALL McDowell County residents. These needs include job creation, family and community services, and an equal opportunity for ALL of our citizens. She also believes that an active, healthy community is a thriving community, and will work diligently to guarantee expanded opportunities to meet the needs of ALL of our residents.  With this in mind, she would lead a county-wide effort to develop a long-range plan that would be updated as needed at least every 5 years.

Michelle is not new to office, she was elected twice in Buncombe County as a Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor.  She also ran for McDowell County Commission in 2014 and lost by only 1 vote in the Democratic Primary.  She uses that race as a testimony that every vote does count.  So, if you are ready for a change in McDowell County and want to ensure our leaders are a true representation of our community then get involved and help Michelle Price get elected to the McDowell County Commission in 2018.  Together we can protect our unique rural and small town lifestyle while planning for a prosperous and healthy future for all residents.

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